General terms and conditions for travel packages

The general terms and conditions for travel packages are between The Organizer of the trip and the traveller. World’s Sports Group AB is a marketing channel for The Organizer and not involved or responsible for execution of the trip to the destination or any activities at the destination. 

World’s Marathons Refund and Cancellation Policy is valid for booking of Package Deals, please see details here.


For your trip, the general terms of Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators

(SRF agreed upon by parties in the travel sector on the 28th of June 2018 shall apply, as well as the terms of The Organizer which are stated below. 

The Organizer has the right to apply special terms which may deviate from the general terms, if the application of set special terms can be motivated by the extraordinary nature of the trip or way of transportation (such as booking or sales terms of regular flights) used on the trip, type of accommodation or circumstances at the destination. The special terms must not contravene the law of package travel to the detriment of the traveller. The general and special terms are part of this agreement. 


1.1 The contract is binding for both parties, The Organizer and traveller, upon confirmation of order by The Organizer if not stated otherwise. The Organizer shall confirm the customer’s order without delay. The right to withdraw does not apply to package travels.

1.2. The main traveller is the person in whose name the arrangement has been made. The main traveller is stated first in the travel documents or in any other obvious way. The main traveller is responsible for payment in accordance with the arrangement. Any changes, as well as the potential termination of the booking must be initiated by the main traveller. Exceptions can be made if the main traveller is struck by serious illness and therefore cannot complete the changes or termination of the booking. The main traveller is responsible for providing The Organizer with correct booking information regarding other travellers included in the booking. Eventual refunds shall be made to the main traveller. 

1.3. If the traveller is under the age of 18 and without a guardian, it must be specified at the time of the booking. Certain trips may require the traveller to be 18 or older. This information shall be provided at the time of the booking. 

1.4.  The times of departure and return in the booking confirmation are only for indicative purposes. The Organizer shall confirm said information immediately, and if possible 20 days prior to departure.

1.5. The Organizer shall always provide general information about terms regarding passports and visa. 

1.6. The Organizer shall provide general information about health regulations at the travel destination. 

1.7. Travel connections or special arrangements are only part of the package travel agreement if booked together and at the same time as the services provided in the travel package or sold together with other special services at a total cost.

1.8. Potential special requests or special services on demand are only part of the arrangement if confirmed in writing by The Organizer. 

1.9. The traveller is responsible for checking that travel documents are in accordance with the information provided at the time of making the booking once they receive the booking confirmation, and ensuring that all names are spelled correctly and match the information in the passport. Possible errors are to be reported immediately. The Organizer has the right to claim additional payment equal to the cost of correcting the errors as well as a reasonable payment for any additional work related to the correction. If The Organizer or an employee ofThe Organizer is responsible for said error, the traveller shall not be held liable for any payment regarding corrections.

1.10. The main traveller shall immediately report any change of address, email, phone number or other relevant information which may prevent The Organizer from being able to contact the traveller. 

1.11. Certain trips require a minimum amount of travellers in order for the trip to take place. In that case, the traveller should be informed at the time of the booking at the latest.

1.12. If flight tickets are part of the travel package, these are to be used in the correct order. The traveller is therefore not able to use only the return ticket when a round-trip has been booked. If a flight ticket is not used from the start, the remaining trips are cancelled. 


2.1. The price for the whole trip shall be clearly stated. The price shall include all services and mandatory additional costs, taxes and fees. 

2.2. The traveller pays in full upon checkout. Provided that you complete the ordering process as requested; provide correct contact information, finalize the payment etc., you will receive notice of confirmation of your Travel Package straight away. The confirmation notice will give you the right to participate in the event, given that you follow the rules set by the The Organizer.

2.3. The Organizer has the right to claim an initial down payment (booking fee). The requested amount shall be reasonable in relation to the cost of the whole trip and general circumstances. 

2.4. In the event that the traveller does not pay the cost of the trip in accordance with the agreement, The Organizer has the right to terminate the agreement and claim a reasonable compensation.

2.5. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of the trip is calculated based on the accommodation of two persons in a shared double room. In the event that only one person stays in a double room or in a bigger room intended for more than one person, The Organizer has the right to claim an additional fee. 

2.6. The Organizer must inform the traveller about any possible additional costs.  


3.1. The traveller has the right to make changes to the agreement subject to The Organizer’s approval. Changes in the agreement may incur in additional costs for the traveller arising from The Organizer or other relevant parties. 

3.2. The traveller has the right to cancel. The Organizer has the right to claim additional payment from the traveller for additional expenses caused by the cancellation. The Organizer may claim a standard fee based on the timing of the cancellation. If there are no standardized fees relating to a cancellation, The Organizer may request a reasonable fee for the cancellation. 


4.1. The traveller may transfer the agreement to someone who meets the terms of the agreement for them to take part in the trip. In this case, the transport company or any other party involved in the trip must accept the change of traveller, for instance. Furthermore, the traveller must inform The Organizer or the retailer about said change in the booking within a reasonable period of time. Notification made seven days prior to departure is considered reasonable.

4.2. The Organizer may request reasonable payment for the transfer of the booking. The fee must not exceed the cost that the transfer of the booking entails for The Organizer. The Organizer shall declare how the cost has been calculated. 

4.3. Both the person transferring the booking and the person the booking is transferred to are responsible for the remainder of the payment corresponding to the travel package along with any additional cost the transfer may entail. 


5.1. The Organizer has the right to make changes in the agreement provided that they keep the traveller informed about said changes in a clear and understandable way through proper channels. Insignificant changes, such as minor changes in flight times, do not entitle the traveller to receive a discount or compensation for damages. In the event of significant changes to the trip, the traveler should, if possible, be offered an alternative trip or the right to terminate the contract without incurring in cancellation fees.

5.2. Change of price

5.2.1. The Organizer has the right to increase the price of the trip due changes in the cost of fuel, taxes and public fees or changes in currency rates. 

5.2.2. The price of the trip may be increased by an amount equal to the share of the cost increase for The Organizer. The Organizer shall have the right to increase the prices only if the cost increase amounts to more than 100 SEK per booking. 

5.2.3. The cost of the trip shall be reduced if, for the reasons stated above, it is below 100 SEK per booking. In the event of a price reduction, The Organizer may make deductions for administrative costs. 

5.2.4. The Organizer shall, as soon as possible, inform the traveller about any changes in pricing. The information shall include reasons for the change as well as the calculations made. 

5.2.5.  The price may not be increased and does not need to be lowered during the last 20 days prior to the agreed departure date.

5.2.6. The Organizer can, under special circumstances, waive the right to increase the price in accordance with 5.2.1. In that case, The Organizer does not need to reduce the price according to 5.2.3

5.3. The traveller’s right to cancel the contract without incurring in cancellation fees

5.3.1. The Organizer can offer a special cancellation policy, please refer to The Organizer's terms and conditions for further details. 

5.3.2. If the package agreement is terminated, The Organizer shall refund the cost to the traveller without delay and at the latest 14 days after termination. 

4. The right of The Organizer and traveller to terminate the agreement due to a force majeure event

5.3.3. Both The Organizer and the traveller have the right to cancel the trip package or the transport if the travel destination, or in close proximity to, is struck by a force majeure event.

Force majeure events include affect, for example, the overall security of travellers and include circumstances such as war, terrorism, disease outbreaks or natural disasters. The traveller has in this case the right to terminate the agreement without incurring in cancellation fees. 

If The Organizer terminates the agreement due to the reasons stated in this paragraph, the traveller is not entitled to receive compensation. In these cases, the traveller has  the right to a full refund as stated in 5.3.2.

5.3.4. The traveller has no right to terminate the agreement if these circumstances were publicly known at the time the agreement was signed.

5.3.5.  In order to determine whether the above-mentioned events are of a serious nature, Swedish and international experts shall be consulted. Public warnings from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are to be considered as grounds for termination. 


6.1. Lack of provision of services

If a service is not provided in accordance with the terms of the agreement, The Organizer shall correct the error within reasonable time. However, The Organizer is not obliged to correct the error if it is impossible or if the correction entails unreasonable cost. If The Organizer does not correct the error, the traveller may have the right to a discount or compensation.   

6.2. Substantial errors

6.2.1. If a significant amount of the services agreed upon cannot be provided post departure, The Organizer is compelled to provide, if possible, equivalent services or alternatives without any extra cost for the traveller. If The Organizer is unable to provide such services, The Organizer may offer lower quality alternatives at a reasonable discount rate. 

The traveller is only to reject such options if these are not equivalent to the original services agreed upon or if the discount is considered unreasonable. 

6.2.2. If The Organizer is unable to provide any option or if the traveller has the right to reject such options in accordance with 6.2.1., the traveller can then have the right to a discount or compensation.

6.2.3. Errors which may have a significant impact on the implementation of the trip package and are not corrected within reasonable time give the traveller the right to terminate the agreement and, in some cases, the right to receive a discount and compensation. 

6.2.4. If The Organizer is unable to provide any option or if the traveller has the right to reject such options in accordance with 6.2.1., or if the traveller has cancelled the agreement in accordance with 6.2.3 the traveller can then have the right to equivalent transport home without unnecessary delay and cost if the package trip includes transport and the traveller is at the destination.


7.1. The traveller shall not be entitled to a discount if The Organizer can prove that the traveller is responsible for the error. 

7.2. The traveller has no right to compensation if The Organizer proves that the traveller is responsible for the error, a third party not related to the service package included or if the error is due to a force majeure event.

7.3. If the error is due to someone hired by the organizer, the organizer is free from liability under these travel conditions only if also the one that the organizer has hired would be free from liability in accordance with these travel conditions. The same applies if the error is due to someone else hired in an earlier stage.

7.4. The right to compensation due to cancellation of the travel package does not apply if The Organizer informs that fewer people than the minimum number required for the trip to take place have registered, and if notice of cancellation has been given within reasonable time.

Notification of cancellation shall be at the lastest • 20 days prior to departure if the duration of the trip is over 6 days  • 7 days prior to departure if the duration is between 2 and 6 days  • 48 hours prior to departure if the trip is less than 2 days.

7.5. Compensation under these terms includes compensation for pecuniary damages, personal damages and material damages. The traveller is obligated to limit the damages as far as possible. 

7.6. Unless otherwise stated by the law of package travel or any other applicable law, The Organizer’s liability of compensation for damages is limited to three times the cost of the package trip. However, this limitation does not apply in the event of personal damages, or to damages caused deliberately or due to negligence. 


8.1. The traveller must report complaint about errors in services to The Organizer within reasonable time of having noticed said errors, or presumed to have noticed them. This is to be done without delay and if possible at the destination. The time of notice may be of importance in order to decide whether a potential discount or refund is applicable, since it could determine if The Organizer could have corrected the error.

8.2. Without prejudice to clause 8.1, the traveler may invoke errors if The Organizer or the marketing channel has acted grossly careless or in violation of faith and honor.


9.1. The Organizer’s instructions and guidelines 

The traveller is obligated to follow the instructions and guidelines of the guide or other personnel employed by The Organizer. Furthermore, the traveller must follow and respect the rules of conduct during the trip and at the destination, and must not act as a disturbance to fellow travellers or others. If the traveller does not comply with these rules, The Organizer may terminate the agreement without providing any refund or compensation. 

9.2. The traveller’s responsibility for damages

The traveller may be subject to paying compensation for damages caused to The Organizer and arising from damages caused by the traveller due to carelessness. 

9.3. Traveller’s responsibility for formalities 

9.3.1. The traveller is solely responsible for complying with the necessary formalities prior to the trip such as holding a valid passport, visa, vaccinations and insurance. 

9.3.2. The traveller is responsible for completing all the necessary check-in procedures for all methods of transport in accordance with the itinerary or with other instructions provided by The Organizer or the transport provider. 

9.3.3. The traveller is solely responsible for all additional costs incurred due to failure to comply with the formalities stated above, such as the cost of transportation back to the point of departure in the event of missing passports, provided that this is not caused by faulty information provided by The Organizer or any other supplier. 

9.3.4. The traveller is responsible for reading the information provided by The Organizer. 

9.4 Deviations from the agreement

The traveller is obligated to report any personal divergence of the itinerary after the trip has begun to The Organizer or other representative of the organization. 


If the traveller encounters difficulties during the trip, The Organizer is to provide adequate help without unnecessary delay. Such assistance may be to provide information about health and medical services, local authorities and consular support. The Organizer has the right to claim payment for such services if the situation is caused deliberately or due to negligence by the traveller. 


Parties shall try to resolve disputes regarding interpretation or implementation of the agreement amongst themselves. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute may be filed at the National Board of Consumer Disputes (ARN), Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm,, or at a public court. A dispute may also be filed through the online platform provided by the Commission of the EU: 

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