General Terms and Services for Virtual Sports Events

Health, physical state, and safety precautions

To enter a World’s Marathons virtual sports event, you must be over 18 years of age on the date of the race. Entrants under 18 years of age or with mental variations or under the age of 18 must seek permission from a parent or guardian before entering. If you are entering a person with mental variations or someone under 18 years of age, you thereby take on full responsibility for any and all damages in any form.

You hereby 

1) confirm that you are at the required level of physical fitness required to take part in a virtual event before entering any virtual race. You furthermore accept that participation in a race event will result in strenuous physical exertion, including the risks associated with physical activity; 

2) are recommended to consider having suitable sports activity insurance cover in place in the event of any illness, accident, injury or damage however caused during the event and / or including your travel to and from the event; 

3) agree to follow all relevant and up-to-date guidance provided by your local health authority. This may include, but not be limited to, maintaining social distancing while taking part in your virtual sports event.


You accept that World’s Marathons and all associated partners will not be liable for any injury, damage or death that occurs as a result of taking part in a virtual event. Would we be found liable for any service or product provided by us, our liability is limited to the lower of 1) an amount equal to 100% of the amounts paid by you to us; or 2) €30.00.

Entries/fees, charity and refunds

Please see our refund policy in our ordinary terms and conditions

All of the profits from the virtual sports events will be donated to a charity of World’s Marathons choice. The charities that will benefit from each race will be as stated on the applicable race entry page.

The receiving charity might differ from time to time, at World’s Marathons discretion. 

If a virtual sports event has to be cancelled, then the entry fee shall be reimbursed in full within one calendar month of the event. World’s Marathons or third party organisers shall not be liable for any other costs that may have been incurred by the Participant in relation to their entry.

Third party platforms

World’s Marathons shall not be liable in any circumstances for any loss of profits, loss of sales or revenue, loss of or damage to goodwill, loss of customers, loss in connection with third party claims, or any indirect, special or consequential loss (even if the party concerned has advised of the possibility of such loss).

World’s Marathons take on no responsibility nor accountability, and will not provide support for services or products provided by third parties. 

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