Refunds for Multibanco clients

Participants, who used Multibanco as a form of payment, have to go through a specific refund process.

Payments effectuated after the cut-off limit

In case the payment has been made after the due date, which is 72 hours from the order date, the refund process is automatically initiated by Stripe (payments platform). The refund is issued within 5 working days.

In such case, the order is not complete, and the registration is not valid. A new registration is required, followed by a successful payment within the time limit.

Successful payments that require a refund

There is a different refund process for participants who paid within 72 hours and successfully registered, but at a later stage requested and/or were granted a refund by the organiser.

The organiser has to process the refund on World's Marathons. Within two working days, Stripe contacts the participant via email, requesting additional information necessary to perform an international money transfer. This may include IBAN and SWIFT/BIC numbers.

Successful payments can be refunded within 180 days from payment date.

Information about World's Marathons Refund Policy

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