World's Marathons Gift Card Policy

1. Visit  Buy your World’s Marathons Gift Card and top it up with the amount of your choice between €5 - €250

2. We will send an email with the Gift Card as a PDF to the receiver, or you can print the PDF yourself if you wish to give the Gift Card in person.

3.  The person that receives the Gift Card needs to claim it using the code on the card at within 24 months.

4. The person who receives a World’s Marathons Gift Card will have to set up an account on our platform in order to claim the Gift Card. You can use the World's Marathons credits to register for any of our partner events on the World’s Marathons platform.

5. World’s Marathons Gift Cards expires after 24 months.

6. Credits given through World’s Marathons Gift Card have a validity of 24 months.

7.  World's Marathons Gift Cards are non-refundable.

If you need any further information or assistance about World’s Marathons Gift Card, please visit or email our team 

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