I was told I am not registered

In rare situations, it may happen that you contact the official registration site, and they tell you that you are not registered. If you received a confirmation email from us (it contains your order number) it means you are officially registered to your chosen race.

Here is what may be the reason for the conflicting information:

  • You tried signing up on the official website, but you abandoned your registration, and then you registered at World's Marathons. This is the case especially when you are told that your "payment failed" or your registration is "not complete". In this case, the customer service person is referring to the record they have in their database of an unfinished registration.  
  • You registered recently, and the organiser did not have a chance to process your registration. Please allow some time for the organiser to update their records. 
  • You are contacting a different registration platform that has no access to registrations made via World's Marathons. Races may have several registration platforms. Please make sure you are contacting the organiser and not a 3rd party registration platform.

In all of those cases, please make sure you tell the customer service representative that you registered at World's Marathons. This way they will know how to search for your registration and in case they do not find it they can give you correct advice or direct you to us.

If despite following the above suggestions you are still told that you are not registered, please add us to that conversation or contact us at info@worldsmarathons.com, and we will happily solve this for you.

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